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Lost and Hound. The West Aussie indie game developer Brian Fairbanks has launched an adventure game called Lost and Hound, which is now fully accessible and available to be played by visually impaired people. Far Cry New Dawn. A Blind Legend. Shades of Doom. Super Mario 64 (Ninte) is commonly held to be one of the best games of all time, but it has more than its then-innovative 3D. You can also play these online. Many of the old MUDs (text precursors to mmorpgs) have now pivoted to cater to blind people. Using screen text. Making entertainment accessible to as many people as possible can be The concept of creating a video game for blind people might seem. Various – Videogames For The Blind. Label: Area Condizionata – AC 3. Format: B3, Bob Davis (22)–, Blindman's Chain Film, A look at several video games optimized for people with impaired vision Gamers with blindness, color blindness, or other issues of sight. Lenstore has taken an in-depth look at the top-rated games of all time that offer a colour deficient mode, to determine the most accessible game.